Learn from a child

We have so much to learn from children. Their child-like innocence is a rarity in this day and age. What about their innate happiness and positive outlook in life? What happened along the way of us growing up? Losing sight of our aspirations, giving up the dream chase & resigning ourselves to the fact that things have to be the way they are. But they do not have to be!!

Some of us may think that we have to face reality. True. We have to be mindful of what is possible and impossible. However, we have to keep in mind that just decades ago, international travel within a week from Country A to Country B was deemed impossible. Now it’s a daily affair and achieved within a day or two max. If the Wright brothers or others who contributed to the success of the modern aeroplane listened to those critics who said that air travel was impossible/unsafe and abandoned their dreams of flying, would we have the invention of the plane today? I highly doubt so. What about the sending of mail from one end of the world to the other side within seconds? It used to take months or even years. Now? With internet and satellite connection, this is achieved within seconds and all it takes is the press of a button. Not from a landline/computer, but from a wireless mobile device and sent from almost anywhere you are.

The future belongs to us dreamers.

What is needed, is tenacity, grit, and the perseverance to see things through.

Tip: Put conscious effort into thinking and maintaining that child-like innocence once more.

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