What do you want to be remembered for?

Everyone likes it when they are remembered, even by others they barely know. People feel good when you remember them and address them by their names rather than saying “Excuse me Sir/Mdm”. The impression you make is way better, and they know that they have stood out and are not just one of the many faces in the crowd you meet everyday.

People want to leave a lasting legacy behind. It is the closest thing that someone can achieve to immortality and leave behind. Many influential people are willing to do just about anything to ‘leave a legacy behind’. This is a big reason as to why people donate great amounts of money to charities and foundations in exchange for a name plaque on the ‘Wall of Appreciation’. If not that, others do things and love it when a monument, building or road is named after them.

This is not something that has come about recently either. Qin Shi Huang was the first King to unify ancient China wanted to be remembered. Not only that, he wanted to live forever! Many of us do, don’t we? For some reason, we want to be remembered and known for something. He built the Great Wall of China at such a great expense of money and lives. Who do people nowadays think of when asked who they think built the wall? Do they think of the architects and slaves who slogged away and did the heavy lifting? No! Do you think Qin Shi Huang built the wall solely for the sake of protection? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. He wanted his legacy to be that of the first king to unify China, the one who built up the Great Wall of China, the king who built up such a massive terracotta army to accompany him into the afterlife and was willing to offer endless wealth to whomever could find and offer him the elixir of immortality.

Lets discuss something that most of us would be familiar with, shall we?

When you think of Facebook, who do you think of? What about Windows? Apple?

We all know the answer don’t we? These men have created a legacy that will carry on and live on even way longer after they have passed on.

I’m not saying we have to be great inventors or mighty people because that’s just not realistic and achievable for most. What i’m trying to get you to think is, what do you want to be remembered and known for? What do you want your friends and loved ones to say about you when you die? It can be something as simple as “My father wasn’t an influential or powerful man. But he taught me something. And that is HOW TO LOVE.How to love somebody with all your heart, mind and soul. To give because he loved, and not because he expected anything in return.”

Or maybe something even something as simple as “I remember my friend Steve for his great SMILE. His smile could light even the gloomiest room up and bring that much needed positivity in someone’s life.”

Tip: Answer the question below.

What do you want to be remembered for?

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