What’s stopping you from being your best?

Why do you set limits on yourself? Haven’t you heard? The sky is the limit. I’ve realised that what’s stopping us from achieving our goals/aspirations or doing what we want most of the time, is ourselves.

Your biggest enemy is yourself.

Your mindset and thoughts are what drive you daily. Too often I hear people talking about their burdens and what is holding them back in life. Okay. Yes. I agree they suck. But like my mum always said (I know I always quote my mum hahahaha but it’s so true she does say it!!), “Don’t keep rejecting all my ideas without providing a solution of your own. There’s no point!”

What i’m trying to say is, don’t keep complaining about what’s holding you back in life. There’s no point! They aren’t going to magically disappear the more you complain about them. In fact, they just might get worse! What you can and should do instead, is to take charge of what you can control. What can you change? Improve upon? If you say my family and financial burden is holding me back from achieving that lifelong dream of wanting to further my education. I challenge you, “Okay, so what are you going to do about it? What can you do?” I don’t know your particular situation, but one thing I know for sure is that most of us aren’t fully maximising our time. We say we don’t have time for night classes, yet we spend hours on facebook or plonk ourselves on the couch watching telly once we get home. We say we don’t have time to read 1 book a month, but can listen to over an hour of music on the bus or subway whilst travelling to and fro. All these minor things you do in your leisure/spare time, it all adds up! I’m not saying you should suddenly plan to maximise and start overthinking every single minute of your life. Just start somewhere. Start small. Maybe try putting that smartphone down when you get home tonight. Pick up a book you’ve been intending to read. Don’t say tomorrow or next week. Do it now. Its now or never. The smartphone has been such a miracle and godsend into our daily lives, making everything so easy and convenient, information so available and accessible, but its also been such a curse to us. I’ve noticed how it has sucked away hours and days of my life when i’m stuck on it (watching videos I don’t even know why i’m watching and clicking the next recommended one after another) and by the time I realise it, time has flown by. Put that phone down. Live in the real world. Read a book. Go to the gym. Take a quick run. Get up slightly earlier to cook a healthy, satisfying breakfast instead of that pie you normally get on the way rushing to work. Have a meaningful conversation with a friend. Listen to a podcast. Tidy up your table or room. Just do something, and start somewhere. It’s gonna have a snowball effect and once you get into it and feel the rhythm, you will just want to keep going and never stop. It’s such an awesome feeling!!! I can’t describe it, but it’s just so satisfying, enjoying yourself and what you’re doing, yet at the same time knowing that you’re being productive as well.

You decide who you want to be. Nothing’s stopping you from being productive.

Your best self is just one positive step away.

Keep at it guys, I sincerely believe that we don’t have to subject ourselves to the mundane, boring, uninteresting life we think we have to live. All we have to do is start somewhere, and start now. We already have what it takes to live a better and more satisfying life, but the onus is on you if you want to or not.

I would love to hear any thoughts, what you guys have to say and any feedback y’all may have! 🙂


Paul Chong

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