Tough times

This post has resonated so much with me. To be honest, it related to me in so many ways. This spoke to me not only from a parent-child’s point of view, but also to my personal experience and the other countless young people that I know of in relationships. Its never easy, especially when you’re young and want to experience so much. The world seems so big and exciting, and us at this stage in life only want to discover and gain new experiences, sometimes even at the expense of hurting loved ones like our family, boyfriend/girlfriend and close friends. Its never easy knowing how to deal with such stuff, how to advice and help without feeling too restrictive or condescending. Sometimes you don’t know how hard to fight, how long to hold, or when its time to let go.

This is life after all isn’t it? The best School of Hard Knocks and we all gotta live with the choices we make.

Thank you mum and dad for sticking by me, showing and providing that unconditional love and never ending support during tough times. Even when I wasn’t at my best.

I love you.

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