What’s your dream?

Have you ever dreamt of doing something all your life? Daring to do something you’ve never dared to even in your wildest dreams? Maybe quit your job? Travel the world? Live apart from society and find peace in some remote part of the world away from the stress, pollution and crowds that modern city living offers?

These past 3 weeks spent in the Canadian Rockies, cruising along Alaska and taking the Denali Express Train right into the heart of Denali National Park, have made me wonder what else the world has to offer. What other golden opportunities and experiences are there waiting for me to explore and discover?

You don’t know what you don’t know.

I’m finding this quote especially applicable to people and how we think. We think we know so much, when in actual fact we don’t. (But nobody ever honestly thinks they know nothing.) We always see things from our perspective and sometimes go as far as to refuse others theirs. We tend to forget that whatever we see and know, isn’t the only thing there is to life and in this world.

So what’s your dream?

Heres one of mine.

It’s something i’ve thought about years ago, especially when I moved to New Zealand 7 years ago. Looking at the vast landscapes and raw beauty of Mother Nature, it made me wonder what it would be like to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city and go back to rural living (especially during exam periods).

To go back into the wild and live. Okay let me explain. You’re thinking I wanna start living in the forest building my own hut out of sticks, eat wild berries, catch fish from the streams just like what Bear Grylls does isn’t it? Ermmm, yeaah kinda but nope. I’d love to live in a small town where everyone knows each other, in a small, cozy cottage (with a nice warm fireplace during the cold snowy winter months). To not have to worry about traffic congestions on the way and back from work. Not having to work a 9-5 job, but rather do something meaningful, maybe at the local hospital or clinic (if the population isn’t big enough hahaha). Or maybe even start my own coffee shop selling locally & freshly roasted coffee & daily-baked breads. Have you watched X-men Origins? The scene where Wolverine has a small lil cottage right on the edge of a cliff with his wife. (I think it was in Canada?) That’s like the closest description I can give. Small cottage on a cliff, overlooking some beaaaautiful snow-capped mountain ranges and a nice river nearby. (If you’ve been to South Island in New Zealand, my favourite ideal place is a quaint town called Arrowtown. Its not situated on a cliff, but it does have some real spectacular views!)

Okay, enough of my dreams. What about yours? Any dreams you’ve been thinking of but bogged down with too many doubts and insecurities? (money/relationships/jobs etc.)

Its never too late. Dare to dream, take the jump.

No one ever says they regret not spending enough time in the office. However, i’ve always heard that people do regret NOT doing something they always dreamt of doing but didn’t due to certain reasons.

Some of you might be saying maybe next time when you’re retired/older/with more money/after children grow up etc. All these insecurities and doubts are never going to go away. Trust me, they won’t. And we aren’t getting any younger. The longer we wait, the greater the inertia. We’ll never totally be ready for it.

We miss 100% of the shots that we don’t take.

Imagine yourself on your deathbed. Would you rather know that you lived a life although with certain risks taken, full of experience and life, or a life spent avoiding as much risk as possible, spent doing something you never really enjoyed, but did it for the sake of security.

On the other hand, of course I’m not telling you to quit your jobs tomorrow to just follow your dreams blindly without any serious contemplation. Everything in moderation and balance. No, what i’m trying to say is to seriously ponder upon what you want for your life, your dreams and goals. To motivate all of us to dare to dream and then take the leap of faith to just do it. Because that leap, might just change your life for the better, and bring that much needed spark back into your life.

Yours sincerely

Paul Chong

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