Young again

So many of us (especially us younger folk) live our lives in a constant steady state of rush. We rush to work. Rush to school. Rush for appointments. Rush to get home for dinner. You get my point.

Are you actually living for the present?

You do know that today is called the present for a reason right?

I’ve noticed that so many of us aren’t living in the moment. Not aware of the current emotions and things happening around us. Until its past. Then we look back and start feeling nostalgic. By then it’s a lil too late isn’t it. Wouldn’t it be so much better to be able to live consciously. To soak in your thoughts and current experience. To turn that phone off and get off social media. To take a deep breath and think to yourself, “So this is how it feels like to be young. To be at age 16. 20. Or even 30. This is what it feels like to go to school. Have friends and be able to run around full of energy. To be able to enjoy eating whatever type of food you want without having to worry about your lack of teeth/weak teeth unable to bite into hard foods. To be able to love someone. This is how it feels like to be heartbroken.” This is life! Why are so many of us living our lives on the digital world and not in this actual world that is so much better than the ones we immerse ourselves into?

I’d like to share a new motto of mine that i’ve adopted this year.

Be conscious.

To be conscious of what is going on around me. To REALLY feel what life is like. To not regret when I am an old man at 80 years old, to look back and “try” to imagine how it must have felt like at 23. To be able to experience life to its very fullest right now. To be conscious and appreciate every single little thing and experience all around me right now.

Because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Time waits for no man.

This week, I challenge you guys, my dear readers, to put that phone down and LIVE. Take a deep breath and think to yourself- “So this is what it feels like to be alive/age __ / loved/ have a family etc.

And i think by doing this, you’d find you’ll have a whole lot more to be thankful for.

Consciously yours

Paul Chong

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