When you find yourself at crossroads in life,

Trembling, afraid and scared to move,

What do you do?

When you face uncertain times in life,

Panicking, stressed and unsure what to do,

What do you do?

I turn to God the Almighty,

Opening up His book for words of encouragement,

Falling on my knees to pray for wisdom and strength.

I turn to my inner circle,

Opening up my heart and being vulnerable,

Finding them for support and comfort.


Dear readers,

I don’t know what problems you’re facing today.

But I know all of us have issues and problems in life that we’re currently trying to manage and cope with.

I hope this post brings that you just that little bit of sunshine and encouragement that we all so dearly need every once in a while to realise that people do care. You’re not alone. We’re never alone. Life isn’t all that dark. Take your time, there’s no hurry. Find help. Find company. Open up to your close friends, and you’ll realise that although the situation may not have changed, you’ll feel tons better knowing that someone is there alongside you sharing your burden. Trust me, i’ve been there, keeping everything in and IT SUCKS.

Give it time.

We may not forget, but time helps you heal, allows you to take a step back from the current state of things, move on and past whatever issue is on your mind and heart right now. Give it time.

Here’s a poem from this website, that’s much better than my feeble attempt at one 😂


Standing at the crossroads

I wonder how I got here

Walking was never easy

Destination I never care

As I stand at the crossroads

I don’t know where to go

All paths look similar

All paths look old

The crossroad was a milestone

I should have known

I know not what to choose

I know not what to moan

When I stand at the crossroads

To all the roads I gaze

Every path is endless

Every path looks torn

I am here at the crossroads

May be someone knows

But I am here at the crossroads

All alone!

I am now sitting at the crossroads

and I don’t know if I am right

But I am still waiting for someone

who would show me the light

– Divya Godayal


Paul Chong ❤️

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