Its time to get back to the grind πŸ’ͺ

Dear readers,

I apologise for the really really long hiatus away from my regular weekly Wednesday posts. The last couple months were really spent trying to focus on my exams in my final semester & year of university. As you guys already know, i’m still trying for medical school, and I really wanted to give it my all and focus into completing and finishing my current degree as well as possible.

Also, my second sister is getting married tomorrow, and i’ve had to fly from New Zealand back to Singapore. This is why the past couple weeks have also been really busy running around trying to catch up with my old schoolmates and settling back into life over here.

I’ve missed so many things about Singapore, and i’ve basically summed them up into the 3 F’s. Family, Friends & Food. These are what makes home, truly home. Its tough, growing up in 2 different countries. I have fond memories of both places, growing up and maturing from one stage of life into another. I’ll try to keep this for another post (just so I still have something to write about in case I run out of ideas next time!)

Anyways, this post is just to let you guys know that i’m back and will start doing my regular weekly posts again!

See you soon,

Paul Chong

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