Completing the Bible in 90 days

Its been slightly under 2 months now since i’ve started this reading plan to complete the bible in 90 days. Today would be day 51 to be more exact.

There have been many thoughts running through my head occasionally, having to read such a huge number of deep bible passages everyday, ranging from about 12 to 26 chapters each day. Some days, it gets really really tough.

I’ve observed my personal discipline currently being much better than what it used to be just a few years ago. Back then, such a task would have been impossible for me to do. Honestly, I would chalk this improvement up to my 40 day challenges, having to really challenge and push myself to consistently keep doing something for 40 days straight. E.g. 40 days of no sugar, 40 days of just cold showers, 40 days of 121 pullups. Why 121 pullups you ask? I challenged myself to do up-down pyramid sets, from 1 to 11 and back down again. Its not been easy. However, what all these has done for me, is make me into a mentally stronger person. Someone who has the will and drive to actually do what they say they will do and you can trust them to carry it out no matter what. Now with this 90 day challenge, its really like a long marathon. Having trained up with those half-marathons, this is it now. Show time.

Anyway, back to my observations about having had 50 days of daily consistent bible reading.


  1. I really get to see the structure of the bible books and passages within each one, to see how each book connects to the next, and notice patterns and subtle consistencies. Noticing how the Israelites, generation after generation despite God’s providence, still choose to forsake Him and do whatever they wanted. You would think that they would’ve learnt from all the past generations, and its easy to condemn and say they were so stupid not to have seen God’s hand in all that and how real He actually is. That is you choose this, then you will get that. But looking at my own life, isn’t this exactly what I do all the time too??? Sometimes I know that if I do this wrong thing, I will get that. But I still do it anyway. How am I any better than they were?
  2. I get to cover much more ground in the bible than I were to if I just did way less books and not daily. This would then just be a long drawn out session whereby its easy to fall into the trap of not being consistent and find it even harder and more impossible to complete. By keeping it relatively shorter (90 days is honestly still pretty long), this personally becomes a much more realistic and achievable goal for me.
  3. This is forcing myself to be even more disciplined in my quiet time with God. Because if I do not read 15 chapters today, I will end up with 30 chapters to read tomorrow. And if I do not read 30 chapters tomorrow, I will end up with 45 chapters to do the day after. By being consistent (just as it is with everything else in life.. like exercise), I get much more out of it and am able to keep the chapter numbers low. If not all this just becomes a vicious cycle and I am likely to just end up abandoning this challenge and plan altogether.
  4. By covering such a huge amount in a shorter time, my memory stays fresh, and when I have my bible studies or listen to sermons in church, I have found it incredibly helpful and familiar at times, because much of the passages shared are sometimes things I have just covered and read a few days ago or even that day itself.


  1. I do not get to seriously delve into each bible passage and get as much out of it as I would, spending 1 hour on one chapter, rather than 15 chapters. Because I know I have so much to read, I sometimes tend to skim and just read the passages just for the sake of reading and covering as much ground as possible. And that should not be the way. I am likely to miss so much content because my thought ratio to each passage is way less.
  2. I sometimes dread having to read the bible. (But then again, even without this, I already dread having to do my qt -quiet time. So whats the difference anyway?)
  3. I find myself making less notes and just finding things repetitive in the bible at times.

So what am I planning to do after this?

Probably to spend some time re-reading those books and passages that i’ve found tougher and harder to understand. This is to compensate for this time of “skimming” and not fully delving and finding those hard to get chunks of knowledge that would only be gotten with more google and time to think and ponder about. But for now at least, overall, i’ve found it incredibly rewarding!! And I would like to challenge you guys to do the same. Stick to it, and I promise you, you won’t regret it!!


Paul Chong

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