Uncertainties and a new chapter in life

Dear Readers,

My final exam results are all out and i’m eligible for graduation!

What’s next? Most people would have a rough idea on what to do next year whether they are furthering their studies or going to start working, and most importantly, know which country they will be in next.

But I don’t know all these.

Should I get offered to study medicine, I will be studying, in whichever school that offers. Either NZ or UK (the 2 places I am eligible and have applied to). So, this means I still don’t know which country I will be in come 2019.

Should I not get any offers, then I will most likely start working. Working as what, you may ask. I don’t know either! To be perfectly honest, I am quite open to anything, as long as it is able to provide me with support and growth opportunities to develop and establish myself.

For now, this interim period of waiting for the schools to get back to me, its really unnerving and I don’t know what to think or what to expect. I’ve come to terms with whatever happens, will happen for a reason, and i’ll accept it. JUST LET ME KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT URGHHHH… But I guess this is a good time to train my patience and faith in God, that His timing will always be PERFECT and that I should not try to rush or delay it.

Whilst I am back in Singapore for now, I have decided to start being more observant, and talking to more friends and people around me to learn as much as I can. To give Singapore another serious consideration and chance, pitting it against New Zealand in that sense, as to whereabouts I should decide to stay and live in (and quite possibly to start laying up roots). For now, its been a period of weighing the pros and cons of what both places have to offer, and whereabouts would be most suitable I guess.

Keep the faith.

Paul Chong

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