There isn’t a day when I don’t question what I do.

There isn’t a day when I don’t question what I do. Wondering to myself, should I really be doing what i’m doing? Is this really for me? Will I regret this in the future? Why am I subjecting myself to all these stresses and pushing myself to do what I do? Why not stay contented and happy with getting a normal 9-5 job? Something that pays the bills, is consistent and able to provide financial stability?

I’m a strong believer in being focused and consistent. In putting my utmost best and 100% into what I believe in. It’s either 100% or 0% from me. No lukewarmness, no half-halfheartedness.

Or as Revelation 3:15-16 says,

15 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot.

16 So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

Somehow, I am not contented with just being. There is this drive within me, a strong desire to push my limits. To do something that the average wouldn’t do. To prove that the sky indeed is the limit, and that anything is possible with heart and of course, God.

I like writing down my plans so that I can stay focused. Currently, there are 3 main things that I have decided to focus on.

  1. Medical School (Duke-Nus) in Singapore.
  2. My business “Fitizen”
  3. My book “The Driving Factor”

Let me delve into each a little deeper.

Medical School.

This will probably be my final push for med school. It’s been a really long and tiring journey, applying for entry everywhere possible since high school. The doors have stayed closed so far, but I am still praying for guidance and for God to show me his path and plans for me. Currently preparing for GAMSAT this year. GAMSAT is a graduate exam that is similar to the MCAT’s done in the States. It is a 5.5 hour exam (not including breaks) that tests a whole range of stuff from your comprehension and language skills, argumentative and personal essay writing skills, and of course, your 3 basic Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). It’s honestly not easy (I mean if it was, everyone would take it and score right??), and right now, i’m just telling myself to do what I can, and let God do the rest.


Having grown up with sports, competition and fitness, it has become integral in my life. (I actually get “hangry”, yet it’s not hunger but rather  the lack of activity that causes me to get moody 😉 ). Looking back, having a strong support system from a close community has been such a strong ‘push’ factor, and has definitely helped get me through some of the hardest points of my life.

As such, I am trying to start a fitness community. A place where one can find a family that provides support and help them stay consistent, accountable and motivated in their daily lives and quest for a better them/ to achieve their fitness goals. It’s not easy starting from scratch, especially in the fitness industry where things are crazy competitive and saturated. It’s tough, but this is something I really enjoy (helping, encouraging and giving hope to people, via the use of my Science/Medical and Fitness knowledge and experience as a Biomedical Science graduate, Personal Trainer & Orthopedic Exercise Specialist).

The Driving Factor

Why do I do what I do?

As mentioned at the start of this blog post, there isn’t a day when I don’t question myself and why I do what I do everyday. What is my driving factor? Why do I have this passion that causes me to do all these things and still not give up when I face setbacks?

And this has caused me to wonder, I can’t be the only one who’s experiencing all these things and thoughts. Other people must too! That’s why they keep going even when they fail, fall and often sacrifice so much of their lives in their pursuit for that particular thing they need to do/achieve. What is going through their minds? What is that “Driving Factor” within them? How is it similar or different from mine and others?

I would like to understand and know what’s going through their minds. Why swim against the current when everything seems to be going the other way?

As such, I am trying to compile the contributions and experiences of a range of people from different countries, backgrounds, jobs and religions. To try and understand their “Driving Factor”, and why they do what they do and have chosen that for their lives.

Hopefully, things go well and I am trying to get this book out by this year!

Pray for me friends, I would really appreciate it. I’m still learning, often falling more than progressing, but let’s keep pushing on.


Paul Chong

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