Completing the Bible in 90 days DONE!

Finally.. another one thing off my bucket list checked and done ✔️

Of course, looking back, I can’t remember everything i’ve read or learnt. In fact, i’ve probably missed out SO MANY things and skimmed over way too much during the days when it just felt so dry and overwhelming with so much content and reading to do everyday. I would love to do this again, but probably more in-depth, with the intention to delve into scripture a little deeper, and with a partner who would be able to journey alongside together. Company always helps make things better. It’s not been easy, and there have been so many days when I didn’t stick to schedule, yet it has indeed been incredibly rewarding, teaching me so much about myself whilst coming across and reading parts of the bible I haven’t read in a while/since childhood in Sunday School/verses I had memorised when young, or things I haven’t even come across or read throughout my entire life. I have to admit, this has been one of the tougher challenges i’ve undertaken so far. But no regrets! And for all my friends out there who’d appreciate some challenge and push factor in their lives once again, I strongly encourage you to pick something. It can be anything, something simple, start of small. Stick to it for 40 days. Be it just making your bed every morning for 40 days. Or 40 days waking up at 7am. Or 40 days of exercise. It can be anything. Challenge yourself, and when you complete and look back, i’m sure you won’t be thinking that this is something you regret doing, but rather, i’m glad I did this. Maybe after a short break, I wouldn’t mind trying something like this again.

This is why I started writing. Started doing so many things. To push myself above and beyond what I thought was personally possible and find my why.

What is your Driving Factor?

If you’d like to find out more, I explain more on why I do all these on my website ( under the post “Why 40 days?”

And if you do take me up on this challenge, don’t forget to #40daysoffitnesse so I can push and celebrate alongside your achievements ❤️



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