How to wake up easier

Winter is here.

It’s cold outside but warm in bed. Waking up has been incredibly difficult and it’s placing a strain on the number of hours available to study in a day for me. I always tell myself to wake up at a certain time the next day, but it never happens 11 out of 10 times.

My good mate William and I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure this 1st world problem out. Here are a couple of our ideas!

Idea 1 :

Make the bed more uncomfortable.

What?! You must be thinking i’m crazy. Just hear me out.

For example, i’ve been sleeping on a gym mat. It’s not very warm. It’s not very soft. But it does the job.

It’s not like the most comfortable bed i’m sure most of you would have, or like a nice warm sauna or bath that feels good. But it’s not so uncomfortable that you can’t fall asleep or feel cold through the night. Just like Goldilocks, it feels ‘just right’ in the sense that it makes it really much easier to get out of bed just because its not super comfy. It’s like when you’re at the end of a long hike and you find this wooden chair that lets you have a break. It feels so good to sit down! But when you’ve had enough of a rest, the chair becomes uncomfortable such that you would get up to do something else. That’s the idea.

Idea 2:

The Iphone app ‘Alarmy’ has an option that will continue to ring despite whatever you do to it unless you get up and take a picture of a specific thing that you choose. So you can choose something pretty far away at the entrance of your house and by the time you get there you’re up!

Idea 3:

Use the child’s pose in yoga as a way and intermediary method to waking up. Going from lying to standing can be incredibly difficult and painful to the sleepy mind sometimes (Always actually). The basic idea is to slowly break the movement up into gradual steps such that it’s slightly more tolerable.  You can do a different movement if you find it helps. so long as it preps you/makes it easier to get out of bed and you don’t revert to lying back down.

Idea 4:

If you’re going to the gym in the morning, go to bed in your workout attire!

Idea 5:

Give yourself an incentive to wake up for/look forward to the next morning. (e.g. a nice hot shower/starve yourself the day before and have a BIG breakfast)

Obviously, most of these ideas aren’t going to taken up by you guys (CAUSE YOU’RE WEAK), and they aren’t mutually exclusive. Combine them all for the greatest effect! 😉

Hope it helps!

Paul and Will.

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