Completing the Bible in 90 days DONE!

Finally.. another one thing off my bucket list checked and done ✔️ Of course, looking back, I can’t remember everything i’ve read or learnt. In fact, i’ve probably missed out SO MANY things and skimmed over way too much during the days when it just felt so dry and overwhelming with so much content and … Continue reading Completing the Bible in 90 days DONE!

There isn’t a day when I don’t question what I do.

There isn't a day when I don't question what I do. Wondering to myself, should I really be doing what i'm doing? Is this really for me? Will I regret this in the future? Why am I subjecting myself to all these stresses and pushing myself to do what I do? Why not stay contented … Continue reading There isn’t a day when I don’t question what I do.


When you find yourself at crossroads in life, Trembling, afraid and scared to move, What do you do? • When you face uncertain times in life, Panicking, stressed and unsure what to do, What do you do? • I turn to God the Almighty, Opening up His book for words of encouragement, Falling on my … Continue reading Crossroads

The Purpose Driven Life (3)

This continues on from Part 2 previously, and is the last of this brief 3-part series. What drives your life? Ask yourself these questions.. What motivates you to get out of bed and get to work first thing in the morning? Do you currently have a goal? Is there something you know you have to … Continue reading The Purpose Driven Life (3)

The Purpose Driven Life (1)

What on earth am I here for? Sometimes, I question the purpose of my existence. What is my purpose in life? What have I been put here on earth for? Is there a reason as to why I am in this particular spot in life right now? Or has everything happened by chance and the … Continue reading The Purpose Driven Life (1)

What’s stopping you from being your best?

Why do you set limits on yourself? Haven't you heard? The sky is the limit. I've realised that what's stopping us from achieving our goals/aspirations or doing what we want most of the time, is ourselves. Your biggest enemy is yourself. Your mindset and thoughts are what drive you daily. Too often I hear people … Continue reading What’s stopping you from being your best?


Why does it seem like everything I do lead to failure? (Or pretty darn close to it at least). Personally, a major one for me feels like my pursuit into medical school. It seems like my current Gpa isn't high enough to meet the cutoff and to enter into Uoa for postgrad med again. (Gpa … Continue reading Failing