When you find yourself at crossroads in life, Trembling, afraid and scared to move, What do you do? • When you face uncertain times in life, Panicking, stressed and unsure what to do, What do you do? • I turn to God the Almighty, Opening up His book for words of encouragement, Falling on my … Continue reading Crossroads

Are you loving yourself enough?

I'd like to start this post off with a simple question. Do you think you know how to self-love? No, I do not mean narcissistic self-love. (I am better than thou art ever wilt be kind of self-love.) No, that's disgusting and absolutely not what i'm referring to. This self love that i'm talking about, … Continue reading Are you loving yourself enough?

Do you want a superpower? (Guest contributor: William Lu)

Every great superhero shares one superpower: in the end, they don’t give up on what matters. We can all have this superpower. In fact, we need it. We all want to get good at hard things. Things like getting fit, writing a book, building a business. But mostly we don’t finish. We start only to … Continue reading Do you want a superpower? (Guest contributor: William Lu)

You have it within you! (Learning how to learn)

Im always all about maximising and trying to get the most out of life. Today, I will be talking about learning and how to learn faster. What so important about learning? Learning is basically the key to improvement and getting better. Without it, we're stuck. We plateau and like a shark, if we don't swim, … Continue reading You have it within you! (Learning how to learn)