I read this story years ago. And right today, I was reminded of it again. Twice. By 2 people that were closest to my heart. Thanks Mieke and Christian. --------------------------------------------------------------- Footsteps One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the sky flashed scenes from … Continue reading Lost.

Completing the Bible in 90 days

Its been slightly under 2 months now since i've started this reading plan to complete the bible in 90 days. Today would be day 51 to be more exact. There have been many thoughts running through my head occasionally, having to read such a huge number of deep bible passages everyday, ranging from about 12 … Continue reading Completing the Bible in 90 days


When you find yourself at crossroads in life, Trembling, afraid and scared to move, What do you do? • When you face uncertain times in life, Panicking, stressed and unsure what to do, What do you do? • I turn to God the Almighty, Opening up His book for words of encouragement, Falling on my … Continue reading Crossroads

Honestly, could you wait?

One of my favourite childhood stories was actually an experiment and long-term observational study that was conducted on children. The Stanford Marshmallow Study. This study wanted to find out whether children were able to make smart, rational choices or would they give in to short term temptation and cave-in to their desires (even if it … Continue reading Honestly, could you wait?