Honestly, could you wait?

One of my favourite childhood stories was actually an experiment and long-term observational study that was conducted on children. The Stanford Marshmallow Study. This study wanted to find out whether children were able to make smart, rational choices or would they give in to short term temptation and cave-in to their desires (even if it … Continue reading Honestly, could you wait?

5 things you should be doing!!

Such a click-baity title isn't it? I should know.. cause I've read countless articles that have such headings hahaha Oh well.. let me at least try to justify it alright? Since young, I always wondered what I was missing out on. And you know what they all say.. You don't know what you don't know! … Continue reading 5 things you should be doing!!

You have it within you! (Learning how to learn)

Im always all about maximising and trying to get the most out of life. Today, I will be talking about learning and how to learn faster. What so important about learning? Learning is basically the key to improvement and getting better. Without it, we're stuck. We plateau and like a shark, if we don't swim, … Continue reading You have it within you! (Learning how to learn)